Back in February, I wrote one of my personal favorite pieces that I’ve ever written, and I never shared it. I wrote a series about a specific encounter (I.e. breakup) and I loved them all. They all flowed right out of me and it was so cathartic. But I didn’t share them because the ex […]

Love, pt. I

Every time I have thought I’ve been in love it tastes different. It tastes like cheap whiskey, That flavor I love so much, but with a bitter aftertaste. It tastes like ashtrays and flavored vodka. Because it’s never really felt right. They’ve all been variations of each other, And all very childish forms of love. […]

“Writers end up writing about their obsessions,”

Now that college is (finally) over, and I’m in that void of time where I’ve submitted countless applications and spend most of my time patiently waiting around for my phone to ring for an interview, I’ve been reading a lot.  I struggle with having a lot of free time. I like to keep busy. I […]